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We give a partial list of freeware toolboxes for wavelet signal processing that can retrieved over the Internet.

Matlab Toolboxes

  • WaveLab: various wavelet-related codes.
  • CurveLab: implementation of the Curvelet Transform.
  • SparseLab: various sparsity-related codes.
  • MCALab: inpainting and inverse problems.
  • BeamLab: beamlets.
  • L1-Magic: L1 optimization and compressed sensing.
  • Numerical Tours: of Gabriel Peyré.
  • Nuit Blanche: links to compressed sensing optimization codes.
  • Rice Wavelet Toolbox: a wavelet Matlab toolbox with orthogonal and biorthogonal transforms and applications to denoising (DSP group at Rice university)
  • Discrete DFDs: a collection of Matlab files for computing time-frequency distributions or time-frequency representations.

C / C++ Codes

  • LastWave: a signal processing oriented command language.
  • MPTK: fast matching pursuit for audio signal decomposition.
  • OpenJPEG: an open source implementation of JPEG-2000.
  • SPIHT: a C++ software for wavelet image compression (Amir Said and William Pearlman).
  • FracLab: wavelet fractal analysis toolbox developed at INRIA (Christophe Canus, Paulo Gonccalves, Bertrand Guiheneuf and Jacques Levy Vehel).
  • MegaWave: a collection of command line C subroutines under Unix for wavelet, wavelet packet and local cosine processing, with sound and image processing applications (Jacques Froment)
  • Swave: is an S+ tool box with continuous wavelet transforms and windowed Fourier transforms, including detection of ridges (Rene Carmona, Wen-Liang Hwang and Bruno Torresani)
  • Time-Frequency Toolbox: a Matlab toolbox for the analysis of non-stationary signals with quadratic time-frequency distributions (Francois Auger, Patrick Flandrin, Olivier Lemoine and Paulo Goncalves)
  • Matching Pursuit Code: Original MP code of Mallat Zhang, updated for EEG analysis.